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PM Says Pakistan Has Potential to Develop Tourism Resources into Billion-dollar Industry

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif says Pakistan has the potential of developing its tourism resources into a billion-dollar industry through effective planning and implementation.

In his message on World Tourism Day on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said with dedicated efforts, Pakistan could become one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Asia where foreign and domestic tourists could enjoy the bounties of nature and rich cultural heritage in a most tourist-friendly environment.

He remarked our landmark initiatives in the field of tourism will play a greater role in improving the infrastructure and facilities for the tourists and thus boost tourism sector.

He expressed the hope that Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation and the provincial tourism departments would step up to the plate to unpack the tourism potential by providing tourist facilitation all over Pakistan and benefit immensely from the free flow of international tourists.

He said that with the blessing of Allah al Mighty and sincere efforts of the government institutions, the pandemic situation in the country has improved manifolds, resulting in the increase in economic activity and in foreign investments in all sectors, including tourism and it will make up for the losses.