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PML-N All Set To Show Political Power in Mansehra Today

Mansehra(May 06, 2018): Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam on Sunday will address a rally in Mansehra . 

Party officials said the public gathering will kick-off around 2pm at the Mandi Mawaishian Ground.

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Federal Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Mohammad Yousaf, the organiser of the event, said a 120 by 40 feet stage has been set up at the venue for the party leadership.

He claimed to have made arrangements of over 100,000 people and vowed to prove this to be Hazara Division’s biggest public gathering.The PML-N supremo and daughter have been addressing a string of rallies across the country recently as part of their ‘respect the vote’ campaign following Nawaz’s disqualification by the Supreme Court last year.

It may be recalled that on May 3, PML N’s public gathering in Chitral was postponed due to non finalization of arrangements.

According to Information Secretary of PML-N the public gathering scheduled on May 04 (Tomorrow) has been postponed due to non finalization of arrangements, now it will be held on May 14, he added.Earlier, addressing huge public gathering in Sadiqabad, former PML N President and Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said that he had no competition with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan and Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari but with aliens.

Former PM said that those who had announced verdict of his disqualification should come to Sadiqabad and witness the enthusiasm of masses.

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Criticizing Imran Khan, he said that PML N does not have any competition with PTI, it has contest with space creatures, who play hiddenly.

“Imran Khan sahib, I don’t have any competition with you,” he said, adding that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was nothing in front of him.The former premier then turned his guns towards Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman, saying, “Zardari sahib, Nawaz Sharif does not have a competition with you as well.”

Addressing the participants, he said that it appeared as if Sadiqabad had been awakening today, the heart of south Punjab had been awakening. “I am very lucky for one does not get such respects from the people easily.”

Nawaz said the next 70 years in the country would not be like the past 70 years.“I served the people, rid them of darkness, eradicated terrorism and made motorways,” he said. “But I was disqualified only because of not receiving salary from [my] son.”

He said that he was disqualified for not taking salary from his son, adding that he couldn’t understand the court verdict and then he was disqualified for life.

The former prime minister said that PTI was nothing in front of him, adding that they (PTI) only know how to play cricket.

He said that differences have been created between him and workers, but they will be removed soon.The PML-N supremo while calling Imran Khan and Asif Zardari said: “I don t have any competition with both of you but with aliens which cannot be seen but the people of Pakistan were with him.”

Nawaz further calling the charged crowed asked who curtailed incidents of kidnappings and who brought peace in Karachi, adding that who eliminated terrorism from the country.

“I have been disqualified for life despite serving the masses and the country,” he added.Thousands of people vote to electe the country’s prime minister, he said but five people removed the elected PM fron his office.

Earlier, addressing gathering Maryam Nawaz, daughter of former Prime Minsiter Nawaz Sharif has once again criticized Imran Khan and said that he is being exclusively treated.

She said that no one including people of Sadiqabad except decision against Nawaz.

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She said the political turncoats would not succeed this time around, hailing Khawaja Asif for his loyalty. “People hold Khawaja Asif in high esteem for he is a loyal person. The entire city turned up to welcome Asif after he was disqualified.”

The former first daughter said the ones deserting the party would meet such an end that they would think ten times before jumping ship.

Earlier both daughter and father reached at the Jalsa gah in Sadiqabad’s Ahmedpur Lama Road, where they were warmly welcomed by the enthusitic party workers and local leaders.

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Earlier, addresing in Sahiwal on Tuesday, Maryam Nawaz, daughter of former PML N President and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that millions of rupees were injected to make Imran Khan’s Lahore rally successful, however it was nothing but a political circus.

She criticized Imran Khan and Asif Ali Zardari and said that they are “Bhai, Bhai”.

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“When Imran’s party in elections ends, he is nowhere to be found then,” she said, adding that the PTI chief will ‘disappear’ after the upcoming general elections.

“It is only Imran’s fate to be used as a pawn” she said

The PML-N supremo is expected to address the gathering later today at the Sheikh Zafar Ali Stadium.

Strict security arrangements are in place at the venue, with 1,145 police personnel deployed for security duties, according to the district police officer.

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