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Rains Cause Havoc in Twin cities, 4 Including couple, daughter Killed

Rawalpindi-Islamabad (July 13, 2017): Heavy monsoon rains have caused havoc in the twin cities here taking lives of three people including a couple and teenage daughter in various rain-related incidents while high alert has been declared due to continuous rising water level in Nullah Leh in Rawalpindi.

A total of 103 millimeter rain has been recorded in Islamabad during the last three days.

A couple, identified as 40-year-old Imran and his wife Nasreen, were killed and their eight-year-old daughter was seriously injured when the wall of a house fell on the tent in Katchi Abadi in Sector H-9 of Islamabad.

Another wall-collapsing incident occurred in Sector G-13 where the 24-year-old Maryam Riaz daughter ofMuhammad Riaz, a resident of Mansehra, was injured when she was buried under the debris of a wall that had collapsed. She was taken to hospital where she died during treatment.

Meanwhile, continuous rains during last three days heavy rains have turned the streets, roads, by-lanes, and boulevards to streams, ponds, and lakes. So far Rawalpindi is lashed by 93 millimeters of rain that has resulted in the rising of water level of Nullah Leh to menacing 17 feet forcing the relevant authorities to issue alert for the people living in the areas around and near the Nullah.

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