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Remains dropped from team for 6 years, come back to team after performance in domestic cricket: Shan Masood

Lahore: Pakistan Test skipper Shan Masood said that he always disturbed by the taunts of selected on undue favor in his career.

Shan Masood said that he doesn’t know where from people got these chats adding that his family don’t have any relation to the team selection.

In his interview the British magazine, he said that he has been dropped from the team for six years in his 10 years of carrer.

He apprised that he always came back to the team after his performance in the domestic cricket adding the he never supported any unjust action.

Shan desribed the nation as too much emotional while he said that if any player has relation to someone so people don’t admit it the player has been moving forward with his hard work.

He said that people started believing more in gossips whereas he said that you penned anything on the social media people believe in it while in Pakistan such thing happens in the sports.

He apprised that on the death anniversary of his sister Pakistan defeated against England in T-20 and the same day he in memory of his sister posted a post on social media and he received superficial language.

The test captain went on to apprise the country fans behavior, said that when he was made test captain and then again he was badmouthed on his post regarding his sister.

He said that his sister death was so much painful incident and this tough conditions taught him how much important to give concentration on the mind health.

He said that owing to team performance in 2016 his private career in cricket changed a lot adding he passes his life as a common man.

Everyone is fan of Baber Azam in Pakistan and he is too as well adding that the services of Baber Azam is a big asset to the Pakistan but Baber which left the position someone had to be picked.

He said that when you lead the team it is not the matter of Baber or Shan, team is of Pakistan and position will remain on its place adding that the people on this position continues to be changed.

He said that in a manner people love Baber Azam, taking his position is not easy.

Shan Masood said that for him it is important to lead the team in his way and move the team forward and you should also see that in which circumstance he got the captaincy. When you becomes skipper you can’t thing of yourself only and decision making is very important.

He said that as a captain we have to see players can implement on a decision to which extent.

He said that the captaincy is not limited to field adding that a captain should know managing thing in a better manner and managing the players.

The captain has to look in to matters of others along with his performance. He said that owing to captaincy sometimes concentration seaside from your work however taking care of your surrounding players are very vital.

The test captain said that after aging he learnt that one needs patience in the difficult situation.

He apprised that there are no more flat wickets in the test cricket and the competition concluded in four days.

When put pressure on your opponent and play little different then you get better results.

In his interview he apprised that he very much impressed with the English team style in Ben Stokes captaincy.