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Rimsha Honour Killing: Accused Confesses Crime

KHAIRPUR: The key suspect involved in honour killing of 14-year-old girl Rimsha, Zulfiqar Wassan has confessed his crime.

A presser was held after Zulfiqar Wassan arrested and he was presented in the presser.

As per details, Rimsha was brutally murdered on Feb 1st at her house in village Nawab Khan Wassan, Kotdiji, Khairpur by Zulfiqar Wassan and four unknown accomplices in the name of honour.

The matter was widely highlighted in social media, and there was unrest among public because of the delay in arrest of the accused.

The murderer, according to police, was a symbol of terror in the area and had previously committed 03 honour killings but was never arrested.

The FIR was registered on behalf of the state in order to avert pressure as the killer belonged to an influential political tribe from Sindh.

SSP Khairpur Umar Tufail Khan told media that special dedicated teams in the supervision of ASP Dr M. Imran Khan, ASP City Khairpur, were constituted for the arrest.

These teams carried out 28 raids, collected and analysed technical data of more than 100 numbers and arrested and interrogated 20 suspects.

Zulfiqar Wassan, Umar Tufail said, had been committing various heinous crimes for last 25 years and had been involved and nominated in 20 different heinous crimes including murder, kidnapping for ransom, ATA, robberies, dacoities and was wanted to Police in numerous cases.