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SC Seeks Report About Change of Design in M9 Motorway

Karachi (August 08, 2018): Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday expressed displeasure over sub standard construction of Karachi Hyderabad M9 motorway, apex court ordered NHA chairman to submit a report about the change of design in M9 motorway.

During the hearing Supreme court Karachi registry Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked NHA chairman Jawad Rafiq that the whole institute is corrupt, you should be ashamed on the construction of M9 motorway, vehicles travel very slowly.Chairman NHA informed  the court that we are trying to improve the deficiencies; apex court responded that you are not doing anything; you are waiting for the death of hundreds of people in accident.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed added that people die in accidents on Jamshoro Sewhan road on daily basis; are you waiting for disaster?  He said that the case will be registered against you, if anyone dies in road and you will have to pay the compensation from your pocket to heirs of deceased.Supreme Court ordered NHA to submit a report of protective measures on Jamshoro Sewhan road.

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