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Sh Rashid Accuses Govt of Using Delaying Tactics

Islamabad (July 18, 2017): Chief of Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has accused the government of using delaying tactics in Panama case.

Speaking to media ahead of the third hearing of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report on Panama papers, Sheikh Rasheed asserted that the rulers gathered wealth for their children but their performance for common man is zero. He insisted that submitting fake documents will not do any good to the Sharif family.

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“The government is using delaying tactics. They have noting to say now. Their problems will be magnified if Volume 10 is made public. The rest of the corruption will be revealed through it,” he said.

He added that the government was left with nothing to defend itself rather using delaying tactics.

He added that if they were insisting on making Volume 10 public then it should be made public.

The AML chief said that yesterday while advancing arguments before the bench he had submitted that the supreme court had disqualified some 22 MNA on minor issues.

He alleged that the ruling family had been amassing wealth for their children and next generation through corruption.

He asked the government not to destroy country’s institutions for personal gains.

While responding to PML-N s objections on JIT members, Rasheed notified, “Sharif family has no objection if Brigadier Nauman is included in the probing team of Dawn Leaks and Pathankot incident, however; they raise concerns if the same person becomes part of JIT investigating Sharif family.”

The hearing of the case resumes today in which lawyer Khawaja Harris, representing the prime minister before the apex bench, will present his arguments over the JIT report.

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