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State Has Not Weaken Much That It Could Not Arrest One Person: IG Islamabad

Islamabad: Inspector General (IG) Islamabad Dr Akbar Nasir Khan has said that the state has not weaken much that it could not arrest one person nor it is ineffective much that if it wants to do something and could not do any thing.

Giving an interview to a web based channel, the IG Islamabad said that when the PTI chairman Imran Khan not appeared before the court despite given assurance then the court asked the police to go and bring him to the court.

The IG Islamabad further said that all the matter is of attitude and respect of law adding the the respect to law is not happened only through uttering some words but it happens with action.

Dr Akbar Nasir Khan said that it will be better to fix the all the matters without use of force adding that we will try this time that such happening not happened.