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Dollar Strengthens By Rs. 0.20 in Open Market

Sania Yasin
Karachi (August 17, 2018): Dollar prices are fluctuating constantly against rupees. Dollar has strengthened by Rs. 0.20 in open market. According to market sources, selling...
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Dollar Continues To Rise Against Rupee on Tuesday

Raza Nasir
Karachi(Jun 19, 2018):There has been a constant rise in dollar value as compared to rupees. After an increase of Re.0.61 ,dollar has risen to the...
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N Govt Promoted Culture of Transparency: Shahbaz

israr israr smlaw
Lahore (August 16, 2017): Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday said that PML-N government promoted transparency and corruption-free culture in Pakistan....