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Denmark Suspend Exports of Arms To KSA: Foreign Ministry

nehal qavi
Copenhagen (November 22, 2018): Denmark has suspended future approvals of weapons and military equipment exports to Saudi Arabia in response to the killing of a

Yemen: 73 Houthi Rebels, 11 Soldiers Killed in Clashes

Sania Yasin
Sana’s (September 10, 2018): At least 73 rebels and 11 soldiers have been killed in the clashes between forces and Houthi rebels in Yemen. Fierce

US Condemns Missile Attacks On Riyadh

Sania Yasin
Washington (June 26, 2018): US Foreign Affairs Department condemns missile attacks on Saudi Arabia. The spokesperson said that they in support with Riyadh against the

Saudi Forces Intercept Houthi Militia Missiles

Sania Yasin
Riyadh (June 25, 2018): Saudi Arabia’s air defense forces intercepted two ballistic missiles launched by Yemen’s Houthi militia over Riyadh on Sunday. Colonel al-Malki, in a

Trump Travel Ban Discriminate Muslims Illegally: US Court

Khalid Iqbal
Washington (February 15, 2018): The US President Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting people from six Muslim-majority countries violates the US Constitution, a federal appeals court

Yemen Separatists Capture Aden

ubaid suri
Aden (January 31, 2018): Yemeni separatists have taken full control of the southern port city of Aden after days of fighting with government forces, residents