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Tomato Prices Drop To Rs100 Per Kg In Karachi

Karachi (October 6, 2017): Tomato price started falling as supplies improved slightly in the markets. In the wholesale markets, prices dropped to Rs 90-100 per kg from Rs 250-200 over the last 3-4 days.

As per details, there is a slight respite from the rising tomato prices. Tomatoes have begun to sell for Rs 100 per kg in parts of Karachi.The prices of almost all other vegetables particularly lime, onions,  garlic and ginger have registered a sharp rise during the last many days peaking to in-affordable levels.

It is pertinent to mention here that a temporary respite came towards the end of the holy festival, but the price of tomatoes shot up again as Muharram arrived.As a policy matter, the government has decided not to import tomatoes from India this time around, something which has prolonged the spell of higher prices.

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