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Traffic accidents on Karachi roads, 66 killed in 41 days

KARACHI: At least 66 people have been killed in traffic accidents in different areas of Karachi during past 41 days, while the traffic accidents occur due to over speeding and carelessness of the drivers.

Due to poor planning, provincial governments dug the roads of half of the city in the name of uplifting projects, while on the other hand the incompetency of traffic department is at rise in the city, the issuance of licenses to irresponsible drivers, no prevention of over speeding took lives of 55 people in 41 days.

Traffic police has failed to control the situation caused after roads of half of the city have been dug and there are no alternative routes for the people.

The traffic jam is routine in the city and traffic police cannot be seen on the roads, while provincial government is silent over the matter and CM Sindh has limited himself for taking notices only.