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Factory, safety act violated in Karachi industries

The labour safety laws and adequate factory acts being violated in the factories established in industrial zones that caused the major incidents that had been claimed the precious lives of labourers or put them paralysed.

According to report the violation of safety acts became the criminal negligence in which safety of the workers and environmental acts fully violated that caused the daily incident as field inspector are being not allowed to enter the factory to check the laws.

The workers and labourers being worked without safety measures that put their lives on risk but despite media highlight the Sindh Government seemed helpless before the industries owners.

According to environmental department the provincial writ was working only five per cent of the industries as only 500 factories out of 10000 are following the rules.

The field inspectors in SITE, Landhi and other industrial zones are not allowed to access inner side. According to sources maximum appointments from 2004 to 2008 had made on political basis while the field inspector seems to bow before the money of strong owners and the workers’ welfare always neglected by owner and government as well.