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Govt Doesn’t Want Decisions Which Are Harmful For Economy: Shabar

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Shabar Zaidi has said that the government did not want such decision that harm economy or industry.

Addressing a presser, Chairman FBR Shabar Zaidi said that the government didn’t impose any tax on prices of flour and corn flour while id card condition is set for sales tax and it didn’t want to increase prices of four and bread.

Shabar Zaidi said that people conducted propaganda created confusion over NIC adding that he talked to the business community of Karachi yesterday night on the issue of the NIC while he said that people are working on their agenda in the pretext of the NIC issue.

The Chairman FBR said that the matter of sales tax on zero-rating has re-emerged after 10 years while All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has demanded uniform opportunity for local yarn and decision will be taken with a consultation over the issue.

Shabar Zaidi clarified that the government has no any deadlock with anybody at any level while the government has no problem over introducing fix tax scheme for small shopkeepers while it has to be decided who are in the category of the small shopkeepers.

He said that the government didn’t want any such decision that harms the economy and the industry adding that the issue of the IDC has been ended while mobile phone dealers have raised the issue that the government imposed taxes on the mobile phones too much.