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Home Minister keeps on blaming street crimes on caretaker set up

Kandhkot: Home Minister Sindh Zian Lanjar on Monday kept on blaming interim government for deteriorated law and order situation in the province.

Holding a presser in Kandhkot, the Minister said that we have made a strategy to tackle crimes in Kacha areas and Urban areas of Sindh.

He warned robbers of Katcha areas to surrender weapons.

The minister kept on blaming interim government said that the situation deteriorated in Karachi in the caretaker set up and it will take time.

He apprised that they have chalked out the strategy joining with the Inspector General (IG) Sindh.

It is merit to mention here that as many as 19 persons were lost their lives in the sacred month of Ramzan alone in Karachi owing to street crimes.

It is pertinent to mention that another person fell prey of street criminals on Eid Ul Fitr Chand rat succumbed to his injuries on Monday.

Deceased Waseem Ur Rehman, a resident of Gulshan-e-Maymar sector Y-3 was shot by robbers in their efforts to rob of him on the Chand rat when he was returning after shopping.

The robbers had singnalled him to stop but he didn’t and they opened fire on him which penetrated in his back.

His wife with help of police took to the Abbassi Shaheed Hospital where she was said to to take his husband to a mjaor hospital after a first aid.

Waseem Ur Rehman was admitted to a private hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) near stadium road where he was receiving treatment.

He could not be saved with all the best efforts of doctors.