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I have no desire for revenge in my heart, I want to serve the nation , we have to run at double speed : Nawaz Sharif

Former Prime Minister and chief Muslim league (N) Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sahrif has said in his address at a rally at Minar-e-Pakistan in lahore that there is no desire for revenge in my heart.

In his address to the rally, Nawaz Sharif said that today I am meeting you after many years . You have never cheated on me and I have never cheated on you. He said that I worked hard day and night to solve the country’s problems, fake cases were made against me, I was put in jail, cases were made against Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, we did not start load shedding, ended it on 18th of 2013 when there was no electricity in your houses for 18 hours.  i did not make electricity more expensive but cheaper.  

Regarding the late mother and his wife, Nawaz Sharif said that there are some sorrows and pain that a person cannot forget, there are some wounds that never heal, those who are separated from you will never meet again. My Begum Kulsoom died and I got the news in the prison.

He said that he asked the jail superintendent to talk to my son in London, he did not let me talk, he said we are not allowed, I got up from his room and went back to my cell and kept thinking, talking to him is for him. It was so difficult, then after two and a half hours . I was informed that your wife Kulsoom was dear to allah, Maryam fainted after hearing the death of her mother, I am a true Pakistani and the love of the country is in my heart

He said that this is our country, I was born here, the love of Pakistan is in my heart, I will answer a brick with a stone, I will not do that , I was offered 5 billion dollars, there will be a record of this in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The people of the previous government were begging for one billion dollars. the world’s most powerful president was telling me not to explode but we did explode . If there was someone else in my place, could he have spoken against the American president?

He further said that during my time bread was Rs 4, today it is Rs 20, so I was fired, so iwas given leave? He did not take salary from his son, so he was removed from the Prime Minister’s Office. during my time, petrol was 60 rupees per liter, During my time, the dollar was worth 104 rupees. I was fired because he did not allow the dollar to move.