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Imran’s offshore companies: AbbTakk acquires documents

AbbTakk has acquired the documents pertaining to the chairman PTI Imran Khan’s offshore companies as per which the Niazi Services Limited registered in 1983 got the support of Barclays Private Bank and Trust and the company had three foreign currency accounts.

According to documents the company was registered in Island which is regarded a big tax haven.

Imran Khan had opened dollar, pound, and an investment account. Imran’s London flat was in the name of offshore company Niazi Services and it was sold in March 2003 for 715,000 Pound Sterling.

Meanwhile, PTI spokesman says that the objective of Imran Khan’s company was mere to buy property and the company was closed after the property was sold. In an explanatory statement the spokesman said that Imran Khan had also declared the London property in his election documents during 2002 elections.