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 Leopard rampages through Jalandhar, injuring six people

Jalandhar: A wild leopard has gone on a rampage in the northern Indian city of Jalandhar, injuring six people before it was caught and tranquillized.

Video of the incident shows the incredible agility, speed and ferocity of the animal as it climbs walls, pounces and runs toward victims.

The clip also shows the extraordinary scenes of mayhem unleashed by the presence of the leopard, which was initially spotted in a house in the Lamba Pind area of the city.

Local media said none of the people attacked during the capture effort were seriously injured.

Indian news site The Tribune reported that the animal was caught in a net after it had been hit by two tranquillising darts, but it managed to escape, jumped a wall, tore across a field and attacked six people.

A third dart had to be administered before the leopard was finally tranquillised.

It was subsequently taken to a nearby zoo in Chatbir for examination.

Although measurements of this animal have not yet been released, an Indian daily reported in 2016 that the largest leopard ever spotted on the subcontinent was a man-eater killed in Bilapur Pradesh in 2016.

It measured an impressive 261 cm from snout to tail, and weighed 70 kg.