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‘Modi’s Extremist Mindset Posses Grave Threat to Regional Peace’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister’s aide Firdous Ashiq Awan on Tuesday lambasted mindset of Modi government following the controversial citizenship bill and said the discriminating Indian law has hampered rights of minorities, especially Muslims.

Firdous Ashiq Awan via twitter, warned that Modi’s extremist mindset has engulfed the entire India. It poses a grave threat to regional peace.

Firdous regretted the use of monstrous violence against the students protesting against the bigoted and discriminatory citizenship act.

The horrifying violence is humiliation of humanity and a slap on the so called democratic face of India.

She appreciated the girl for standing against the cruelty and said that girl has turned into a star of condemnation.

Students across India have been staging protests against the Narendra Modi government’s decision to enact the anti-Muslim Citizenship Act.

The Act provides natural citizenship to every single non-Muslim living in India illegally.