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Naushero Feroze: 50-foot breach in Nusrat canal inundates 20 villages

A 50-foot breach in Nusrat canal has inundated 20 villages while there is high level flood at Taunsa Barrage Sukkur and low level flood at Guddu Barrage which has effected crops over hundreds of acres and also inundated villages. Water arrival at Sukkur Barrage is 223,00 cusecs and dispensation is 138,000 cusecs while at Guddu Barrage it is 325,000 and 227,000 cusecs respectively.

The breach has not yet been filled and staff of irrigation department has not yet arrived despite information while local residents are busy filling the breach themselves.

There is low level flood in River Kabul at Pashtun Garri, Kemkora, and Nausherah Kalan and nearby villages are feared to be inundated if water level rises any further. There is also a levl level flood at TAUNSA Barrage at Kot Addu. Water’s arrival is at 300,011 and dispensation is 200,085 cusecs.

The 40-foot breach in Nullah Lala in River Sindh near Leah has been filled after three days and it submerged six habitats and acres of standing crops.

Three villages are inundated near Pannu Aqil and acres of standing crops are being destroyed.

Flood effectees are still awaiting relief and aid from government.