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Pakistan expresses regrets over Motiur-Rehman execution: FO

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office strongly condemning the execution of JI Bangladesh ameer Motiur-Rehman has expressed reservations and deeply saddened over the verdict given by the controversial tribunal.

Foreign Office spokesperson said that Motee-ur-Rehman was only convicted for supporting law and Constitution of Pakistan, adding that the tradition of executing Opposition leaders in Bangladesh is against the soul of democracy.

Motiur-Rehman Nizami was sentenced in connection with so-called crimes before December 1971, while his execution is also a disappointment for those Bengali citizens who elected him their representative. Under tripartite agreement of 1974, Bangladesh had promised not to proceed the cases under humanitarian basis. Bangladeshi government should abide by the agreement.

The spokesperson further said that Pakistan expresses condolences to the bereaved family and to lovers of Motiur-Rehman.