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Pakistan Heading Towards Success: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan says government will concentrate on enhancing job creation opportunities in the country this year.

Addressing the launching ceremony of Hunarmand Pakistan Program in Islamabad on Thursday, he said last year we focused on attaining stability and this year our focus will be on growth.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan has now embarked on the path as envisioned by its great founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and great philosopher and thinker Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

He expressed hope that Pakistan will turn into a great nation due to the skills and hard work of its citizens.

The Prime Minister said our founding fathers in objectives resolution had clearly stated that Pakistan would be transformed into a welfare Islamic state like Madina.

He said the state of Madina became a role model for the world due to its golden principles of justice, welfare and compassion.

The Prime Minister said any civilized society prospers because of creating equal opportunities and meritocracy.

Imran Khan said as part of his vision to turn Pakistan into a welfare society, Ehsaas program costing 190 billion rupees has been launched for the uplift of the poor segments of society.

The Prime Minister said 170 shelter homes have been established in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to provide shelter to homeless.

The Prime Minister expressed optimism that a lot of job opportunities will be created through the Naya Pakistan Housing Program as forty industries are allied with construction.

He said five million homes will be constructed in the next four years as part of this program to provide housing to people.

He said Pakistan is blessed with rich natural resources and these will be fully utilized for the benefit of the nation. He regretted that corruption impeded the growth of the country in past. He said we will also utilize Chinese technology to double agricultural production.

Terming youth the biggest asset of the country, the Prime Minister said the youth of the country can make us a superpower through knowledge, skills and human development.

Giving details of the program, Imran Khan said five hundred thousand youth will be trained in the first phase of Hunarmand Pakistan Program. Prime Minister appreciated the proposal of establishing a National Accreditation Council as it will streamline the skills education centre.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan will become a great nation and lead the Muslim Ummah. It will spearhead efforts to establish peace in the region and beyond.

Imran Khan reiterated that Pakistan will not fight any other’s war in future.

He said we will also make efforts to create friendship between Iran and Saudi Arabia.