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Petroleum prices to remain same for the next month

Federal cabinet has approved vital projects of health, social development, privatization and amended ordinance of tax laws, cabinet also decided to uphold petroleum prices in next month and evolve a system to bar transfer of money from foreign currency accounts to abroad.

The cabinet meeting in chair of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif endorsed decisions taken in privatization committee and Economic Coordination Committee meetings. The premier also approved change in five rupees coin and issuance of 10 rupees coin.

In the meeting approvals have also been given to durable development target program, tax laws amended ordinance, determination of sales tax on petroleum items and health program for needy people treatment.

Giving briefing to the media regarding the meeting Ishaq Dar said that it has been under consideration to do law making to prevent transfer of money from foreign currency accounts to abroad while act of inquiry bill has been approved and it will be presented in National Assembly (NA) on September 2.