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Political Parties Won’t Get Funds in Karachi’s Uplifting Package: Zubair

Karachi (August 13, 2017): Governor Sindh Mohammed Zubair has said that holding the exhibition on international level is not less than any achievement, adding that if we have to advance then the housing sector must be advanced as well and he will do whatever available in his capacity as governor for that sector.

Addressing the seminar in ABAD exhibition held in Expo Center, Governor Sindh Mohammed Zubair said that whoever has reservations with Finance Housing Scheme, must talk to Federal government.

Governor Sindh Mohammed Zubair said that yesterday Prime Minister announced package for Karachi, which was the responsibility of provincial government or Local Bodies institutions, but not of Federal Government.

Governor Sindh said that not a single passenger travels on the roof of vehicles, but there are such buses operational in Karachi, which had been launched in 1970.

Governor Sindh said that Lahore’s Metro projects is criticized on television in the night, which is a shameful act by critics. Mohammed Zubair announced that soon Green Line project will be completed for Karachi, while Lyari Expressway will also be completed soon.

Zubair clearly said that now political parties won’t get any funds from Karachi’s uplifting project.

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