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SA session continuously in grip of MQM, PPP heated speeches

The sindh assembly session continuously gripped under the heated speeches of MQM and PPP members while they are hurling allegation to each other and the focal point was the differ over the separate province in Sindh.

The ruling party member and provincial finance minister Murad Ali Shah replying to MQM member and opposition leader Khawaja Izhar, who chanted slogan of half yours, half ours, said that all Sindh was ours.

The session was started in the chair of speaker Agha Siraj Durrani and taking part in session proceeding Khawaja Izhar said that severe load shedding has plunged the public in serious trouble as PPP has made dealt with federal government that halted it to even protest over the situation.

“If PPP take some practical steps regarding electricity shortage MQM will support Sindh government against Hesco and K-electric while Bilawal’s statement regarding corruption will be implemented in Sindh,” he claimed that MQM will form next government in Sindh and Nand Kumar will be the Chief Minister.

Following the Khawaja’s speech, PPP member Murad Ali Shah denouncing his speech called him Paglu that once again provoked the opposition and they started uproar. Amid uproar Murad Ali Shah said, ” don’t disrupt me as we had already listened your speeches.”

Murad Ali Shah commenting on budget said that opposition did not read the single word of budget but  calling it words puzzle as government will form committee to impose tax on agriculture while dividing  the people on rural and urban basis in inappropriate.

Talking about K-4 project he said that the project would be completed within two years.