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Sindh Rangers raid CTD office, recover suspect of linkage with defunct organization

Karachi: Sindh Rangers have raided the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Karachi office, sources.

A citizen was recovered from the possession of the CTD.

The citizen was abducted on May 19 and an amount of money exchanged with the citizen, sources said.

Sources added that a police officer Imadad Khawaja team had arrested the citizen.

A sub-inspector and Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) were arrested in the raid, sources said.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Asif Aijaz Sheikh apprised regarding the raid said that the citizen who has been taken into the custody had come from Iraq.

The CTD team neither informed the arrest to the high ups nor registered entry of it, the DIG said.

The DIG further apprised that all four police personnel including SHO have been suspended

.The suspended personnel includes a sub-inspector, ASI and a constable, the DIG said.

The citizen identified to be Alian was being interrogated, the DIG apprised.

Later the CTD team demanded Alian family Rs half million then settled the matter for Rs one lakh.

The DIG said that Alian has to be investigated and he can’t be cleared at this stage.

Alian has been suspected of links with a defunct organization, the DIG said.