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Syrian Forces clashes with Kurds, 98 killed in aerial strike at Hospital

At least 64 people have been killed in clashes between Syrian Forces and Kurds, while 34 people have been killed and several injured in aerial attack at Hospital in Halb, hence total 98 people lost their lives in both incidents.

The clashes between Syrian Forces and Kurds started in Northern city Halb at the time when Syrian Forces attempted to occupy Kurdish occupied city Til Rifat, while at least 64 people have been killed in deadly clashes.

Meanwhile at least 34 people including three doctors, six para medical staff and 14 patients have been killed, while several injured due to unidentified fighter jets bombing at hospital in Halb city. The killed people also included patients visitors. A Hospital building located in Halb turned into dust debris in aerial attack. Preliminarily, it could not be identified, whether the attack was carried out either by Syria, Russia or US Coalition fighter jet.