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Thatta: Massive Theft of Karachi-Bound Potable Water

Report: Nazakat Shah

Thatta (June 30, 2017): Massive theft of potable water supply from Keenjhar Lake has been unearthed. The water thieves are stealing tens of millions of gallons of water by installing big pipes into the canal.

It may be mentioned here that Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) is responsible for the supervision and maintenance of the canal that supplies water to Karachi. The water thieves have installed a large number of their own pipes in the canal from Keenjhar Lake to Gharo and Bhebeji.

High officials of the KWSB are involved the massive theft of potable water meant for the Karachiites.

It is interesting to note that KWSB has developed a habit of sermonizing the people to use water with care and yet some of its high officials are themselves involved in massive theft of potable water meant for Karachi.

Water shortage has become a routine in Karachi. The shocking revelation of such massive theft of potable water to Karachi raises many questions about KWSB’s failure to be vigilant over water theft and stop that at the earliest whenever it happens.

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