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The world observes Earth Day today

Pakistan including the whole world is observing ‘Global Earth day’, while people across the world expressed their love with earth by planting trees and through cleaning campaigns.

The inmates of earth are observing the day to love the earth. The theme for this year is ‘Trees for Earth’. Different programs were being conducted across world to raise awareness for the love of earth. The most popular activity on this day is to plant a tree.

US State Wisconsin Senator Lord Nelson was the first person to present the idea to observe Earth Day. In this connection world’s first Earth day was observed in 1977. UN General Assembly announced in the year 2009 to officially observe ‘Earth day’ on April 22 of every year. In this connection today the largest search engine Google has transformed itself to the globe of world.

According to the website observing Earth Day, organizations working for environmental pollution have been working against damages to the earth due to oil spillage, smokes from factories and power plants, crude garbage and dangerous radiation waste.