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Three blasts shook Saudi Arabia, four security personnel martyred

Three explosion, including two suicide attacks, in Saudi Arabia have shaken the country in which four security personnel were martyred and two attackers killed in the blasts.

According to Arab and foreign media suicide attacker detonated himself near security headquarter in Medina that martyred four security personnel, however Saudi official did not confirmed the loss of lives in Medina blast.

After some hours in Qateef a suicide attacker blasts himself near mosque Sirajul Imran, however there was no report of loss of life. According to security sources suicide attacker intended to target mosque but following interruption by security forces he detonated himself at the entry gate of the mosque.

The security officials have not confirmed the Medina blast, however they said that the security in Medina has been tighten.

On the other hand spokesperson Foreign office said in a statement that no Pakistani was effected from the blasts.