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U.S, China, Saudi Arabia top arms buyer

U.S. which produces and buys $ 596 billion worth of armaments a year, is the top arms buyer of the world followed by China which spends $ 215 billion a year to procure arms annually.

With $ 87.2 billion Saudi Arabia is the third top arms buyer followed by Russia at fourth position with $ 66.4 billion; Britain at fifth position with $ 55.5 billion.

India, where people does not have three square meals a day, is also among the list of top arms buying countries spending $ 51.3 billion on arms annually.

France, Japan, Germany, and South Korea are at seventh, eight, ninth, and tenth positions with $ 50.9 billion, $ 40.9 billion, $ 39.4 billion, and $ 36.4 billion spending on arms annually.