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UK’s DFID Denies Daily Mail News Against Shahbaz Sharif

LONDON: A British Institution Department for Information Development (DFID) has denied news published in the daily mail newspaper of the country against Shahbaz Sharif stealing funds of earthquake affectees.

The statement issued by the DFID said that the aid has been provided for the earthquake victims to Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) while the fund aimed at to construct schools in the earthquake affected areas and the aid was provided after the construction of the schools.

The DFID has clarified that an audit was conducted regarding all the work while the British citizens’ taxpayers money spent where they have given.

Britain-based Newspaper DailyMail has issued a news report, alleging Sharif family members of being involved in money laundering and corruption under the governance of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Citing an interview of Sharif family’s frontman Aftab Mehmood, DailyMail accused PML-N leader Shahbaz Sharif of committing money laundering in Britain during the time when latter was Chief Minister of Punjab.

The report states that the British government at the time had handed over £500million to Punjab Government for victims of the Earthquake.

As per Investigation Agencies, Sharif family used this amount for money laundering.

It added that Aftab Mehmood had already confessed of the allegations, confirming that he laundered millions of dollars through Birmingham office for members of the Sharif family.

Moreover, DailyMail claimed that Shebaz’s son in law was given £1 million of the amount that British government had sent to Pakistan Government at the time (PML-N’s regime) for alleviating poverty and providing better health facilities among women.

According to probe carried out by recovery unit, sudden hikes were witnessed in the wealth of Sharif family.

A secret report revealed that Sharifs owned £0.15 million back in 2003, however, an enormous and rapid increase was witnessed in the family’s total wealth till 2018.