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Vegetable Prices Climbs High as Eid Approaches

KARACHI: As usual on the Eid ul Azha the prices of vegetable particularly onion and Tomatoes jumped up and following the same way on this Eid prices of vegetable increased.

The vegetable sellers have the termed the Pak-India tension main cause of the increase in Prices saying the suspension bilateral traded ties is also one of the main cause of price increase.

However, the reasons explained by the sellers are not true as it was general practice the prices of the vegetables always soar up on the eve of Eidul Azha, but the regretful point is the government do nothing and its all claims of price control left unattended.

The rate of the tomatoes reached at 140 from 120, while the rate set by the market committee is between 66 to 98. The onion was sold at Rs 50 to 60 per kg but they jumped to Rs 80 per kg.

The prices of lemons were 95 per kg but it is being sold Rs 150 to 200.

The prices of ginger were sold at Rs 230 per kg but they are selling at Rs 300 per kg.