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World Press Freedom Day being observed today

International Press Freedom Day is being observed on May 3 (today), on this eve Abb Takk new has not forgotten it’s first martyred journalist Shan Dahar, who was gunned down while performing his journalistic responsibilities in Larkana, his murderer are free after 2.5 years have been passed.

Shan Dahar was a responsible journalist from Abb Takk news Larkana, he was true friend and had a good personality, his passion for speaking truth became the reason of his assassination.

On December 31 in 2013, unknown gunmen shot him dead in Larkana when he was making a report on selling of fake medicines, he left several mourners among his two daughters.According to his friends that he was a bold and fearless journalist.

Several suspects were arrested during investigation, which was continued for a few months but nothing could not be found.On this day, whole Abb Takk team salutes the sacrifices of Shan Dahar, his mother passed away while waiting to get justice however,  his daughters are still waiting for the punishment of their father’s killers.