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Israel’s war on Gaza: Israel bombs Gaza mosque, 46 more martyrs, 110 injures in last 24 hours

Occupied Al-Quds: Palestinian Health Ministry says 46 people were martyred and 110 injured in the past 24 hours.

At least 33,843 Palestinians have been killed and 76,575 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, it added.

An Israeli air strike destroys a mosque and nearby homes in the northern Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp with a large number of children and women wounded.

Iran warns Israel it will face a “painful response” if it takes “slightest action” in response to its retaliatory attack. Israel urges 32 countries to impose sanctions against the IRGC and missile programme.

Children in Gaza have become the faces of the continuing war as their stories paint a “harrowing picture” of the human consequences of the conflict, a UNICEF official says.

“Children are wearing a tremendous share of the scars of this war,” UNICEF communications specialist Tess Ingram – who left Gaza on Monday after spending two weeks there – told a UN press briefing in Geneva.

More than 12,000 children were injured in Gaza since October 7, 2023, she said, and this is “almost certainly an underestimate”.

“With at least 70 children injured every day, we need the number of medical evacuations to increase so children can access the care they urgently need. And with one child killed or injured every 10 minutes, above anything else we need a ceasefire.”

A lasting truce “is the only way to stop the killing and maiming of children”.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) reported in its latest situation update that the amount of aid entering Gaza has remained relatively stable since April, with an average of 181 trucks reaching the enclave daily.

This volume is far below the operational capacity of Gaza’s open border crossings and fails to meet Israel’s stated goal of facilitating the entry of 500 aid trucks per day, said UNRWA.

Aid flow into northern Gaza, where hunger is most pervasive, is especially strained, with UNRWA unable to reach the area since January 23, the agency added.

Throughout Gaza, “food insecurity” has increased by 80 percent since December, UNRWA said.

Continuing Israeli attacks on central Gaza’s Nuseirat refugee camp have killed three more people and injured dozens of others, reports Wafa.

Earlier, we reported that injured people were streaming into Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir el-Balah after being injured in or near the Nuseirat camp, where Israel is waging an intensive military operation for days.

Generators powering Gaza’s few functional hospitals around the clock for months could now lose power “at any moment”, warns Gaza’s Health Ministry.

Such a loss would bring about a “major health disaster”, it said, issuing an urgent appeal for new generators and the restoration of power lines in the besieged territory.

“Israel continues to impose unlawful restrictions on the entry and distribution of humanitarian assistance, and to carry out widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure,” said Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the UN human rights office, at a press briefing in Geneva.

Israel, which denies hindering humanitarian relief to Gaza, has faced increased international pressure to let more supplies into the Gaza Strip since it hit an aid convoy on April 1, killing international relief workers.

“Those delivering or trying to access humanitarian assistance must never be attacked,” said Shamdasani.

She also voiced concern over escalating settler violence in the occupied West Bank, calling on Israeli forces to “immediately end their active participation in and support for settler attacks” on Palestinians.

Most of the arrests took place during raids in the governorates of Qalqilya, Hebron and Jenin, while others were in Bethlehem and Jerusalem governorates, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society.

The latest arrests bring the total number of people detained in the occupied West Bank since October 7 to 8,270, said the society, in what it said is part of a campaign to “collectively punish” Palestinians.