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Barrister Aqeel warns PTI over “Anti state activities and propaganda”

ISLAMABAD: The federal government’s spokesperson on legal affairs Barrister Aqeel talked about in a press conference over PTI’s anti state activities abroad.

The federal government’s spokesperson on legal affairs barrister Aqeel without mention the name of PTI has warned that the state would clamp on those involved in running anti state campaign on social media in a bid to damage Pakistan’s ties with friendly countries.

Barrister Aqeel stressed that the PTI to quit its “anti state activities and propaganda,” and hold dialogue with the government on political issues to mull over solutions instead of damaging the nation’s interest at global forums.

“PTI cannot do opposition against the state as by doing so you are undermining it and there is no acceptability and tolerance for it. No political party is above Pakistan, let’s make it crystal clear and no anti-state agenda and narrative will be allowed by the state,” he added.

He urged the PTI to think about the country and motherland as it had joined hands with country enemies and set out on an anti-country agenda for its political motives.

“PTI is becoming a source of humiliation for the country at international forums. You are Pakistani and we all are Pakistanis. We have to work for the country. Nobody is stopping you from the politics but this negative and inimical political would not be allowed,” he added