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Diplomatic Immunity Doesn’t Permit Killing Someone: IHC

Islamabad(April 18, 2018): Diplomatic immunity does not permit killing someone, said Justice Aamer Farooq in his remarks, while hearing a petition seeking the placement of a US diplomat on the Exit Control List (ECL).

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) observed on Wednesday that On April 7, the vehicle of US Defence and Air Attache Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall ran a red light and rammed into a motorcycle killing Ateeq Baig on the spot and injuring his cousin.

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During today’s hearing of a plea filed by the victim’s family, the judge remarked that an alcohol test is the first thing to do in hit-and-run cases but the police, in this case, failed to follow procedure probably since they “trembled seeing a foreigner”.

“When a Pakistani is involved in an accident, the police gets inside the vehicle [before anything else] to smell alcohol,” the judge remarked. Kohsar SHO Khalid Awan submitted the diplomat’s statement in court, after which the judge observed why the statement was not recorded in English as tomorrow the diplomat could say the statement is in Urdu and he does not speak the language.

In response to another question, the SHO responded that the statement was recorded while the diplomat was inside his vehicle at the police station.Justice Farooq then observed that the police itself damaged the case by not conducting an alcohol test.

When asked, SHO Awan informed the court that he was called by the Foreign Office (FO) to let the diplomat go. He added that the FO has been sent details of the case to assist police according to the Vienna Convention.

The judge observed that diplomatic immunity should be sought but going through the wheels of justice is also necessary.

With regards to the placement of the diplomat on ECL, the court ruled that the committee formed over the issue should decide the matter in five days.During the hearing, the deputy attorney general informed the court that commissioner office has sent a request the ministry to place name on ECL, to which the court ordered the Interior Ministry to categorically respond to the plea.

The hearing was then adjourned until Tuesday.

It may be recalled on April, 9 ,Colonel Josehp tried to flee through a private Airlines, however, his attempt to flee failed.

The Interior Ministry  informed all the Airport about Colonel Joseph,  whereas his name has been placed on ECL on the request of the Islamabad Police.Abbtakk got the copy of the ticket of Colonel Joseph, according to which colonel Joseph tried to flee but he failed in doing so.

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