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Web Desk (September 04, 2018): 13th Presidential election of Pakistan will take place today. As new President of Pakistan will be elected today, lets have a look at details of all those 12 personalities, who have been the former Presidents of the country.

Pakistan’s first President, Iskander Mirza served as the President of country from March 23, 1956 to October 27, 1958. Due to political crisis, he was deposed in 1958, by General Ayub Khan, Chief Administrator Field Martial of Martial Law.Second President of the country was Ayub Khan, who is also known as first coup d’état in the history of Pakistan. Ayub Khan served the post from October 27, 1958 till March 25, 1969.Yahya Khan was the third President of Pakistan. Yahya was promoted as Lieutenant-General after his promotion papers were personally approved by President Ayub Khan in 1966. Yahya took office after the resignation of Ayub Khan in 1969. He resigned on December 20, 1971, after Pakistan’s defeat to Bangladesh in the 1971 war.Zulfikar Bhutto was the fourth President of Pakistan, on December 20, 1971, Yahya Khan handed over the presidency and government to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He served the office from December 20, 1971 till August 13, 1973.Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry was the first constitutional president of the country. He served the office from August 14, 1973 till September 16, 1978. Chaudhry resigned in 1978 and handed over the presidency to General Zia.After the resignation of Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry, General Zia ul Haq became the sixth president of Pakistan. He sworn in as President of country on September 16, 1978, and remained in the office till August 17, 1988. He was killed in a plane crash, becoming the only president to die in office, on August 17, 1988.Ghulam Ishaq Khan took office after the Zia ul Haq’s death on August 17, 1988. He served the office till July 18, 1993.Eighth President of Pakistan, Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari took office on November 14, 1993, during PPP’s government, and served office till December 02, 1997.Pakistan’s ninth President, Muhammad Rafiq Tarar, took office on January 01, 1998. He readily signed Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan which removed virtually all remaining reserve powers, making the office almost entirely symbolic in nature. General Pervez Musharraf decided not to retain Tarar as the President for his full term of five years, after deposing Nawaz Sharif, and he served office till January 20, 2001.General Pervez Musharraf served as the tenth President of Pakistan. Musharraf took de facto control over the country on June 20, 2001. After which, he served the office till August 18, 2008. Musharraf resigned the presidency in 2008, during an address, to avoid impeachment.For the eleventh President of Pakistan, Altaf Hussain suggested the name of Asif Ali Zardari. After which, PPP nominated him as Presidential candidate on September 06, 2008. Asif Ali Zardari served the office from September 09, 2008 till September 09, 2013.Pakistan’s twelfth President, Mamnoon Hussain sworn in on September 09, 2013, during the government of PML-N. His tenure will end on September 08, 2018. Pakistan’s new president will be elected today, for which Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has nominated Dr. Arif Alvi as their presidential candidate, while, Aitzaz Ahsan is nominated by Pakistan Peoples Party. PML-N and other parties have nominated Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman as their presidential candidate.

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