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India tops among world’s most racist countries

India has topped among world’s most racist countries, while European experts said that India has topped among world’s most racist countries, Indian woman has unveiled the racist face of her country and said that she had exchanged hard words at Delhi Airport and was declared non-Indian.

India has topped among 80 racist countries of the world. Swedish experts said in their report that list of 80 countries promoting racism has been prepared and it has been proved after reviewing recent and past reports, India has topped among most racist countries after targeting Muslims, other minorities and women on the basis of racism. The report stated that there are solid evidences of Indian involvement in promoting racism. The countries, which were added in most racist countries possessed more than one population.

A woman of Indian state Manica unveiled real face of Indian racism and told millions of people that she was misbehaved at Delhi Airport, when she was departing for South Korea and she was declared non-Indian. After she insisted, the immigration officials asked her about the number of Indian States and other questions, saying that she did not look like Indian in the picture on her passport.