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Oil Tanker Explosion: 125 Victims to Be Buried Today

Multan (June 27, 2017): As many as 125 victims of Ahmedpur Sharqia oil tanker explosion will be buried today.

The dead bodies of the victims will be taken to Ahmedpur Sharqia through trucks today for burial.

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All arrangements for the burial have been completed. Graves have been dug in Ahmedpur. The DNA test of 86 victims have so far been completed. Yesterday, 10 victims of the tragedy were buried.

Meanwhile, death toll from the massive fuel tanker fire has risen to 160 as three more of the victims died overnight.

A case against owner, driver, and manager of the oil tanker that precipitated 160 deaths and injuries over 100 others has been registered here.

The owner of Lakki Marwat Group’s oil tanker Haji Husnain, Manager Khalid Razzaq, and driver Gul Muhammad were nominated in the FIR.

The case was registered on complaint of Muhammad Asghar, a brother of Muhammad Imran who perished after the overturned tanker blew with a blast scorching the area near and far.

The FIR was registered under sections 109, 279, 322, 337, 427, and 435 of Pakistan Penal Code.

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