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Petrol price increase again by Rs. 4.53 per litre.

ISLAMABAD: The federal government increase the petrol and diesel price by Rs.4.53 and 8.14 respectively.

Shehbaz’s government has increased the price of Petrol and diesel in term of inflation. from April,16 Tuesday the Petrol will be available at Rs.293.94 per litre and Diesel will be available at Rs.290.38 after up the prices Rs.4.53 and Rs.8.14 respectively.

The latest increase in fuel prices is expected to have a widespread impact on consumers across the country, as it will likely lead to a rise in transportation costs and inflation rates.

The finance ministry in a notification stated that as part of the fortnightly revision of prices of petroleum products, on the recommendation of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the Government of Pakistan has decided that the consumer prices, with effect from 16th April, 2024