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Bhakkar: Bus-Truck Collision, 3 Passengers Died, 35 Injured

Sania Yasin
Bhakkar (July 06, 2018): An accident of collision happened in Bhakkar, between a bus and a truck. It resulted in death of three people, while...
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Gandapur Offers to Support Girl Assaulted in D I Khan

Web Team
D. I Khan (November 13, 2017): Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member Ali Amin Gandapur on Monday offered to take complete financial...
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Hot, Dry Weather Likely in Most Parts of Country

israr israr smlaw
Islamabad (August 16, 2017): Met Office on Wednesday forecast hot and dry weather for most parts of the country during next 24 hours....
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Isolated Places Likely to Receive Rain During Next 24hrs

israr israr smlaw
Islamabad (June 20, 2017): Hot and humid weather in likely to persist in most parts of the country however many areas expected to receive rains...
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Medical stores across Punjab remain closed against amendments to Drugs Act

israr israr smlaw
LAHORE/KARACHI: Medical stores in Punjab are observing shutter-down strike today against the amendments to Drugs Act 1976 due to which patients suffered badly....