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Female Engineer Invents Robot To Harvest Dates From Palms With Solar Energy

Saudi Arabia’s citizen Nada Al-Bitar obtained a patent for a robot that can harvest dates from palms with solar energy.

And she explained during her hosting on the “Al-Ikhbariya” channel, today (Sunday), that she made several visits to palm farms in the Kingdom, and conducted several experiments in picking dates, indicating that she found some problems associated with the process of picking dates by crane, such as rust, maintenance and spinning, in addition to that no There are palm jacks over 10 meters in length, which increases the risk of falling.

She added that she was able to manufacture pliers simulating the shape of the hand and lined with silicone, and able to pick dates from the leeches or the pill by simulating the shape of the fingers of the hand and pulling them pneumatically to the storage unit directly inside the machine, pointing out that the robot consists of 8 arms for picking from high palms by pneumatic drag. .

She indicated that she needs an integrated team of mechanical engineers and flight engineers, noting that she added the flight feature of the product to dispense with cranes.