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Dar Appeals SC to Take Notice of Summoning of Maryam Nawaz

Islamabad (July 3, 2017): Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Monday said that a single penny’s corruption has not been proved yet against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Talking to newsmen outside Federal Judicial Academy after appearing before the joint investigation team (JIT) probing Sharif family’s offshore holding, Dar raised questions over ‘discriminatory’ treatment meted out to Prime Minister and his family.

He added that why JIT was not constituted to probe corruption allegation against former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s son.

He added that there was a separate law for judge’s son and for them.Dar said that there was not a single corruption scandal against Nawaz Sharif despite being Prime Minister of the country for thrice.

He added that reference against Sharif family instituted during Musharraf’s tenure were based on lies. He added that he had given account of a single penny to the JIT.

Dar also raised objections on summing Maryam Nawaz, saying that all and everyone daughters must be respected. He appealed Supreme Court to take notice of summoning of Maryam Nawaz.He added that it would not be inappropriate if tomorrow Haleema Khan and Uzma Khan, sister of Imran Khan, were summoned.

He said that instead of summoning Maryam questionnaire be sent to her.

Dar came down hard on PTI chief Imran Khan, saying that he should be ashamed on doing politics on lies.

He accused Imran Khan of concealing facts about his marriage.

He claimed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s name had not been mentioned in any case nor in any company documents. He alleged that those whose names are mentioned in such documents, however, were the heads of political parties.Dar claimed that there has been a spectacle in the country for the past 23 years, adding that certain references that were filed during the rule of Gen Musharraf were based on lies.

“As far as the Panama Papers case is concerned, the PM’s family presented themselves before the JIT but, just as they said, there is no case of even a rupee of corruption or scam,” he alleged.

“Imran Khan used to say that from me they will find the money trail to the flats in London. Today, I have given the JIT an account of every rupee.”

“You [Imran Khan] should be ashamed of conducting politics on the basis of lies,” he thundered.

“My love-hate relationship with Imran Khan is very old but now I am disappointed… In 1993, when I was president of the Lahore Chamber after resigning from the Investment Board, he used to come to my office in the chamber as well as my private office. He would sit with my two sons and wait for me.”

Lashing out at the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief, Dar asked “With what face did you file a petition against Nawaz Sharif under Article 62? Look at yourself first.”

“Imran Khan is a scared man basically. A man who hides his marriage. When you ask him where he married Jemimah Khan he says Paris… He’s lying,” Dar alleged.

“Imran Khan, even if no one else knows, I know,” Dar warned. “How much will you lie?”

“Today, how has he become the second richest parliamentarian? He is not the son of an industrialist like Nawaz Sharif. He is three times richer than I am. I am a chartered accountant, I have a value. My juniors in the past 40 years are taking between Rs2 and 2.5 crores a month. A person like me… So how do you have three times the assets?” Dar asked.

“We have presented our selves for accountability. When will you?”

“In 2008, he [Imran Khan] asked my son for donation for Shaukut Khanum Hospital… When I found out that Khan sahab has gambled with the money given to him through donations and zakat, my trust was broken. I gave him donations from 1997 to 2008,” the finance minister alleged.

He said that it was hurtful to see Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz, being summoned by the JIT as she was like a daughter to him. He added that if Khan’s sister’s name had also been mentioned in the documents for Niazi Services and they were summoned as Maryam was, it would hurt him.

He requested the Supreme Court to look into the matter and asked the JIT to revise its decision and send Maryam Nawaz a questionnaire to her house as opposed to asking her to appear before the JIT.

Earlier, the JIT questioned Hassan Nawaz for about three hours.

Hassan was accompanied by Special Assistant to Prime Minister  Asif Kirmani and other PML-N leader to FJA.

A number of PML-N workers and supporters gathered near FJA to express solidarity with Hassan Nawaz. Police did not allow PML-N MNA Tahira Aurangzaib to go to FJA and stopped her near the Academy.

This was third appearance of Hassan before the team. The JIT has also summoned the Prime Minister’s younger son Hassan Nawaz to appear before it today. This will be Hassan Nawaz’s third appearance before the JIT.

The PM’s other children, Hussain Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz are also scheduled to appear before the JIT this week. Hussain Nawaz will be appearing before the team for the sixth time.  On July 5, Maryam Nawaz will appear before the JIT for the first time.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister’s cousin Tariq Shafi appeared before the team to respond the members questions about Gulf Steel owned by Shairf family.

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